The "Life In the Word" is VFC Belfast's means of providing a Bible Knowledge track to help develop it's members to maturity. They are the the equivalent of a regular bible school certificate course in a local church. The LIW is part of the Christian Development Program.

Christian Development Program

Because of CCC's goals to make disciples, we offer some unique opportunities for Christian growth development. Church members are encouraged to attend "life in the word" Bible study classes, to engage in "ministry involvement" and to pursue their "personal development". The Christian Development Program [CDP] focuses on the process of helping Christians to mature in the church by giving them opportunity develop in three integrated areas simultaneously:

  • Bible Knowledge > in Life In the Word classes
  • Ministry Involvement > engaging in ministry
  • Personal Development > experiencing God


We believe that one of the ways the maturity level of a Christian can be expressed is by looking at these three areas, and that the overall level of maturity is set by the lowest of these three elements.


The Christian Development Program [CDP] is a 10 level process with each of the three elements expressed at each level.


Bible Knowledge

" Life In the Word" [LIW], is a Bible-based teaching program that members have opportunity to enrol in.


Ministry Involvement

Ministry Experience is gained as the person engages and is encouraged in ministry to others. i.e. progressing from a new believer > disciple > discipler > assistant connect group leader > connect group leader etc


Personal Development

We desire to see God develop an individual's character, conduct and personal walk with Him. Younger believers grow through one-to-one discipling by more mature believers. Older Christians are encouraged to experience God through their mentoring relationships and connect groups. Some personal development areas are: salvation, water baptism, baptism in Holy Spirit, devotional time, communion with God, despising sin, worship, deliverance from habits, lordship of Christ etc


Heb 6:1 [NET] .... we must progress beyond the elementary instructions about Christ and move on to maturity ...


Sunday Service: 11:00

Sunday School: 11:00


Mums & Tots: Happy Nappy: Tuesday 10:00am  -12:00pm


Bible Study Wednesday: 10:00am


Prayer Meeting Wednesday: 7:00pm - 8:00pm



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